Troubleshooting Nextbox WiFi Extender Flashing Red Light Issue

If the LED on your Nextbox WiFi extender is flashing in red color, then there is something big you really need to think about. The flashing red light on your Nextbox WiFi extender means that there are unknown extender’s or router’s WiFi interfering with your Nextbox extender’s network. Or, maybe you have performed Nextbox setup process too far from your existing router.

Need not to worry! We have got you covered! In this tutorial, we will provide you some Nextbox extender troubleshooting tips following which fixing “troubleshooting Nextbox WiFi extender flashing red light” issue will be a walk in the park for you. So, without much delay, let’s start over!

Fixed: Nextbox Extender Flashing Red Light

Fix 1: Connect Your Router and Extender

Hopefully, after applying this fix, you may not need another fixes for troubleshooting the issue. Here we go!

If you want to get rid of “troubleshooting Nextbox WiFi extender flashing red light” issue, then you should connect them in a proper way. Moreover, if you have used a damaged Ethernet cable, then you are surely going to experience the same issue. To get it fixed, all you need is to ensure that a good and non-damaged Ethernet cable is used for connecting the devices.

Fix 2: Check Your Router

Nextbox WiFi extender flashing red light issue can also persist if there is something wrong with your router. So, contact your ISP right away and ask him to fix router-related issues for you. Apart from this, if your router needs a firmware update, ask your internet service provider to do the same. Moreover, you can also upgrade your existing data plan. Well, slow or poor internet can also be one of the biggest reasons behind getting “Nextbox WiFi extender flashing red light” issue.

Fix 3: Update Your Nextbox Extender

If the firmware on your Netgear WiFi extender has become outdated, then also it can lead you to experience “Nextbox WiFi extender flashing red light” issue. To get it fixed, all you have to do is to update Netgear WiFi extender firmware immediately via re.nextbox.home

Fix 4: Check the Extender’s Power

By any chance, if your Nextbox WiFi extender is not getting a proper power, then also it may flash in red color. So, without further ado, plug your Nextbox WiFi extender into a working wall socket so that it (the extender) can receive a proper yet continuous power.

Fix 5: Set Up Your Extender Properly

Improper configuration of your Nextbox WiFi extender is the biggest reason behind getting the flashing red light issue. To deal with it, reset your Nextbox Wifi extender. Just press and hold the reset hole present on the extender for a couple of seconds, and release it.

Now, you can reconfigure the extender by navigating to Nextbox setup page. Here, you will get complete instructions on how to set up Nextbox WiFi extender.

Fix 6: Relocate the Extender

Yes, bad location of your Nextbox WiFi extender also causes the issue. To sat goo-bye to “Nextbox WiFi extender flashing red light” issue, just change its location. The ideal location for your Nextbox WiFi extender is:

  • Near to your existing router

  • Away from doors, windows, and third-party WiFi devices/ networks

  • Non-congested and on higher area

  • And most important, not inside cabinet, behind curtains/ devices or beneath a table

Fix 7: Power Cycle the Extender

Technical glitches are also another common reason behind “Nextbox WiFi extender flashing red light” issue. One of the best ways to get rid of technical glitches is to restart or power cycle Nextbox WiFi extender.

Here are the instructions to restart or power cycle the extender in a proper way. Follow them in exact given order:

Step 1: First of all, disconnect your Nextbox WiFi extender and your existing router.

Step 2: Also, disconnect all the devices that are accessing the Nextbox extender’s SSID.

Step 3: Then, you have to turn the Nextbox extender off and wait for a few minutes. Please don’t get excited! Let your extender take rest for some time.

Step 4: Now, turn on the Nextbox extender by plugging it to its respective wall socket and connect it to your existing router.

Until you reach the step 4, the “Nextbox WiFi extender flashing red light” issue will be fixed already.

The Last Words

Getting “Nextbox WiFi extender flashing red light” issue is very common. But, we assure you that, if you follow the troubleshooting tips provided in this tutorial, no issue can annoy you. So, please share your feedback with us. Did these fixes have kick-off the issue for you?

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