Healthpally discern Lifestyle and Age influence on Low Libido

 Healthpally discern Lifestyle and Age influence on Low Libido

You can tell by being amazed that the opportunities to have sex are diminishing, that it's no longer happening every day but only once a week.

You didn’t expect such a personal situation when you were 40 but here it's happening.

You notice that this turning point, where strength diminishes, where the hair falls out, you can't get rid of the wrinkles anymore, not even with the best cream and you know: that was the highlight.

The engine doesn't start as quickly anymore, it cooks on a smaller flame - what stupid pictures.

Pictures that, in any case, very clearly describe that things also decrease in men from their mid-40s: be it strength, energy, desire or potency, chaktty said.

If the symptoms are severe, men sometimes end up with a specialist in urology in the urological practice clinic.

Specialist in urology does one thing first to understand low Libido causes in male: he has the testosterone level determined by taking a blood sample.

After a certain age, it decreases: sometimes faster, sometimes less quickly.

It's a fairly linear curve that starts to taper off after the age of 40 or 45, about 1 to minus 2% per year. 

Then there is the fact that in old age a protein molecule is formed that binds testosterone and the testosterone that is fixed to the protein molecule is no longer available to the body for its actual function.


The symptoms of andropause go far beyond sexuality

It's very similar to menopause in women. Testosterone also plays a role in various places in the male organism, according to health pally.

In most cases, testosterone is associated with muscle and sexuality by both doctor and patient, but this is only a very small part of testosterone's function. 

Testosterone has very important metabolic functions. For example, it has an influence on the sugar balance. 

In men, testosterone is able to infiltrate the sugar into the muscles and then use it up. So there is a clear correlation between low testosterone levels and diabetes mellitus.

On the other hand, there are clear connections with the cholesterol metabolism with the testosterone level and ultimately things like which is also known from women with estrogen deficiency – bone stability also depends on testosterone. 

So that when there is a deficiency, we also experience osteoporosis in men – which is otherwise rather unusual.


Lifestyle plays a big role

In the case of a diagnosed hormone deficiency, the therapy provides for the regular administration of testosterone in the form of injections or gels.

However, in most cases, the lack of testosterone also has a lot to do with lifestyle, says chaktty.

The most common cause is obesity. When men gain belly fat due to lack of exercise or excessive calorie intake, then the belly fat houses an aromatase that ensures that testosterone is converted into estrogen. 

In this dilemma that men find themselves in, it is very difficult to get rid of the belly fat because the testosterone level there is not enough.

And that's why sporting activation and also a look at nutrition is the basis of such a therapy, sexpally experts advised.

However, this often works much more easily for men if the deficiency is corrected at least in the initial phase with drug therapy. 

But if the men have then managed to improve their constitution in six months, then it is possible to stop the testosterone supply from the outside again.

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