Get The Best Insurance Plan for Your Commercial Vehicle – Find Out How?

Having a car insurance policy has become mandatory in India according to the government’s law. Here are all the details on how to get the best commercial car insurance. Keep reading to know more!

Key Features of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

  • Both public and private cars, as well as unique kinds of goods-carrying vehicles, are fully covered. 
  • The commercial vehicle insurance plan covers liabilities in the event of any accidents or injuries. 
  • Commercial car insurance will offer financial compensation, so don't worry about unnecessary expenses.
  • Don't worry about economic failures brought on by liabilities. 

Types of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

1. Comprehensive Commercial Vehicle Insurance

2. Third-party Liability Commercial Vehicle Insurance

List of advantages provided by commercial vehicle insurance policies

Commercial vehicle loss or damage brought on by: 

  • Fire, self-ignition, explosion, or lightning 
  • Landslides and rock slides
  • Riots, strikes, theft, break-ins, and burglaries.
  • Malicious acts, hurricanes, cyclones, storms, typhoons, hailstorms, inundation cyclones, frost, earthquakes, terrorist activity, and accidents (by external means).
  • Commercial vehicle third-party insurance offers coverage if an accident involves a user-covered commercial vehicle and a third-party vehicle. It will cover any loss or damage to third-party property, car, bodily injury, and death.


Theft, accidents, and natural catastrophes can damage a commercial vehicle, resulting in personal, medical, and financial damages that must be covered by insurance. Most commercial vehicle insurance providers offer cashless compensation for repairs made to commercial user vehicles at one of their authorised workshops. Numerous Car insurance policy providers offer specialised commercial vehicle insurance packages to accommodate the various needs of their clients.


  • A catastrophe brought on by a civil conflict. 
  • Additionally, contractual liabilities are not protected. 
  • The incidence of an accident while driving while intoxicated or with a suspended licence. 
  • Users use a vehicle within the "limitations as to usage," such as using a private car as a taxi. 

Claim Process:

With the appropriate strategy, filing a claim for commercial car insurance can be straightforward. The user must tell the supplier of business vehicle insurance as soon as the user becomes aware of the loss or damage to receive the claimed amount refunded without issue. If the user purchased it from a commercial vehicle insurance agent, let the agent know, just in case. 

Calling their toll-free helpline number or sending a letter to their customer service email address will allow the user to file a claim. Nowadays, the Car insurance policy by Bajaj Allianz also provides online claim forms. Verify the specifics of commercial car insurance. When the user is filling in the claim user has to provide information which is given below: 

  • Time and date of the loss
  • The policy number for reference
  • The place where the incident occurred
  • A brief description of the incident
  • The claimant's name and phone number.

Documents Required to Claim Commercial Vehicle Insurance:

  • Vehicle registration papers for Car insurance policy 
  • An original copy of the user's driver's licence
  • A claim form that has been duly completed and signed
  • A copy of the user police report
  • A tax payment receipt
  • A copy of the user's Aadhar card
  • A fitness certificate
  • Original insurance documents
  • A load challan for commercial user vehicle
  • A route permit is required.

Is Renewal of a Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy Important?

To ensure that the benefits of the coverage continue, one must renew the passenger or goods carrying commercial car insurance on time. 

Renewal of commercial car insurance policy is also possible online. The user only needs to go to the insurer's official website to complete the online renewal procedures. Check the specifics of the business car insurance policy before making the payment, then pay the premium online as necessary to promptly renew the coverage.

How to Renew a Commercial Vehicle Insurance Plan on Car insurance policy Bajaj Allianz car insurance?

Users can renew their Car insurance policy by following the steps which are given below: 

Step 1: Go to Bajaj Allianz car insurance Limited's official website. 

Step 2: Key in the policy number for the user's commercial vehicle insurance. 

Step 3: After logging in, the user can install or remove any add-ons based on user needs. 

Step 4: The ultimate premium amount will change if any add-ons are added or removed. 

Step 5: Locate and click the "Renew" button. 

Step 6: After the user clicks the "Renew" button, a payment page will open up and display the most recent premium cost. 

Step 7: At this point, click the "Pay" button on the page.

Step 8: Users can choose to pay using a debit or credit card, UPI, or net banking. 

Step 9: The insurer will send the user the updated insurance paperwork to the user's registered email ID and registered home address as soon as the user makes the final payment.

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