Victony Extender Not Connecting to Internet? Here’s the Fix!

What’s the point of installing a Victony extender when it is not connecting to the internet? This question arises in the mind of every Victony user who faces an internet connectivity issue with the extender. If you’re reading this post, then there is a possibility that your VictonyWiFi extender is also unable to connect to the internet. If what we are assuming is true, then this post will be at your rescue.

Just, walk through the troubleshooting tips discussed in this post and learn what to do when your Victony extender is unable to sustain the internet connection. But, before that, have a nudge on the potential reasons dragging you to this internet connectivity problem in the first place.

Reasons: Victony Extender Not Connecting to Internet

  • You have separated your Victony wireless extender and the main router. Probably they are located in the two farthest rooms of your house.
  • The Ethernet cable holding a direct connection between your WiFi devices has undergone wear and tear. Or, the one you are using has lower data transmission rates.
  • You might have placed your Victony device in a dead zone or a room where its WiFi signals are struggling to get through and fill up your entire house.
  • You haven’t upgraded your data plan or your ISP has some shortcomings from his end.
  • The extender isn’t receiving a stable power supply due to which it keeps on turning off thereby failing to sustain the internet connection.
  • Technical bugs and errors are shoving you to face the Victony range extender not connecting to the internet issue.
  • You haven’t completed the Victony Wi-Fi extender setup process.

So, these were the most common causes that can result in the Victony extender not connecting to the internet issue. Now, it is time to resolve the problem. So, have a walk through the next section carefully and learn how to get the issue troubleshot.

Fixed: Victony Extender Not Connecting to Internet

  • Too much distance between your WiFi devices makes them unable to transmit signals. Therefore, you should consider placing your devices close to each other. If possible, consider giving them space in the same room. However, avoid making the distance zero.
  • There should be no wear and tear on the Ethernet cable connecting your range extender and the main router. Cuts on the Ethernet cable break the direct communication due to interruption from external factors. You can consider using a new Ethernet cable with higher data transmission rates in that case. Additionally, the firmness of the connection matters.
  • Consider removing WiFi interference-creating factors from the room where your extender is doing its job. FYI, reflexive surfaces, metal objects, heavy electrical gadgets, devices that operate on Bluetooth, and objects with a large quantity of water tend to cause WiFi interference.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider and check with him whether your data plan is still working or going to end soon. If the second is the situation, then renew the data plan. In case you have a data limit pending, then chances are that your ISP is doing some maintenance. So, give him some time to get the issue resolved.
  • Connect your Victony range extender to a working power outlet. You also have the option of getting the existing one repaired. Consider taking the assistance of a UPS if your area is a regular victim of power surges or outages.
  • Rebooting the Victony extender can also help you fix the extender not connecting to the internet issue. The reason being it is one of the proven methods to fix technical glitches.
  • If nothing works, reset your Victony range extender to the default settings. It means you will lose every customize setting including the Victony WiFi extender username and password. But, the good news is that the issue won’t trouble you anymore. Thus, locate and press the Reset button. Thereafter, set up the range extender from scratch. To know the steps, give a read to the next section.

Steps to Install Victony WiFi Extender

  • Ensure that you’ve created a stable extender-router connection.
  • Now, get access to a computer and load Google Chrome.
  • Type the extender’s URL into the address field and hit Enter.
  • The login page of your extender will open up.
  • Enter the username and password of your Victony WiFi extender.
  • Log in to your device and follow on-screen instructions.


That’s all about how to fix the Victony extender not connecting to the internet issue. We hope that the tips demystified in this post will help you get connected to a high-speed internet connection again.

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