How to View Devices Accessing Your Amped Extender

What most people look out for today is a free WiFi network. Some of them are so hell-bent on accessing free WiFi that they try to break into the security of some protected networks. And, if the network is of the Amped wireless range extender, the risk is more. Thankfully, one can check and block unauthorized devices.

Do you want to know how to check devices accessing your Amped wireless extender? If yes, then reading this post will be beneficial for you in every way. In this how-to guide, you will learn the steps to view devices accessing the network of your Amped WiFi range extender. So, let’s get going.

Steps to View Devices Accessing Amped Extender

Step 1- Load a Web Browser

Start the process with the opening of a web browser on your computer. FYI, you are free to select any web browser. However, be it Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, the web browser you are using needs to fulfill two conditions.

1st- The web browser is supposed to be running on the latest software version. If not, then install the new update immediately.

2nd- There should not be any cache, cookies, or browsing history hampering the performance of your Amped range extender.

Step 2- Access

The moment your web browser becomes all set to use, consider navigating to the address bar. The address bar is also known as the URL bar. So, don’t mistake it for the search bar. Some users accidentally use the search bar of the internet browser and end up facing issues accessing

Additionally, ensure that there is no typing error in the web address entered by you. Typos might also create issues in the process of viewing the devices accessing your Amped wireless network. So, be mindful of both things. However, do not forget to hit Enter after entering the web address.

Step 3- Fill in Login Details

The login page of your Amped device will show up on the screen. Now, you need to enter the username and password you’ve assigned to your wireless device after the completion of the setup process. So, type in the required information and hit Login.

Wait, before hitting the Login button, kindly check the username and password entrée. Perhaps, you have committed a typo. Checked? Is everything perfect? Good! Now, you can click Login.

Step 4- Move to Network Statistics

Hitting the Login button will display the dashboard of the Amped extender. Now, you have to move to the Management tab and click it. Doing so will reveal several options on the screen. Here, you will have to select the Network Statistics option.

Now, you will be able to see all the wireless and wired devices accessing your Amped wireless extender. Along with this, you will also be able to see the amount of data transfer taking place between your Amped extender and devices accessing its network.

In this way, you will be able to view the devices accessing your Amped wireless extender. However, if something stops you then there is a chance that you miss something. So, consider reading the next section and learn where you might have gone wrong.

Fixed: Can’t View Devices Accessing Amped Extender

Tip 1- Check Extender-Router Connection

Various users across the globe face internet issues due to a reason that they fail to establish a strong extender-router connection. Have you also committed the same mistake? Don’t know? Well, check for it. If the connection between your Amped extender and router is weak, then mend your ways without having a second. Want to know how? Just replace the Ethernet cable in the case of a wired connection and bring your devices closer if they are sharing the connection with the aid of a wireless source.

Tip 2- Ensure a Stable Power Supply

The power supply is a distant yet important factor in viewing the devices accessing the extender. 20% of users are unable to access the Amped wireless setup wizard and check devices accessing the network of the extender due to an unstable power supply. So, see to it whether your extender is receiving suffice electricity from the power source. It can be confirmed by checking the power socket. If it is found damaged, then you are required to get it repaired. Or even an easier path; simply install the power adapter of your Amped extender into another power outlet.

Sum Up

Viewing the devices accessing the Amped extender will let you know genuine and unauthorized users. So, you can easily get rid of freeloaders by blocking them. We hope that the steps discussed in this post will be helpful in knowing the network statistics of the Amped device.

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