How to Update Wavlink Extender Firmware?

How to Update Wavlink Extender Firmware?

Performing firmware updates on the Wavlink WiFi extender is like having a double-edged sword. It not only protects your device from potential threats but also makes it high performing. Additionally, you’ll enjoy using your extender more than before. But, do you know how to update the firmware of your Wavlink wireless extender?

No? Then, what are we here for? We will make you aware of the whole nine yards of the process of getting your Wavlink extender updated to its latest firmware version. FYI, your Wavlink extender’s firmware is nothing but a set of instructions that operates your extender. Given in the next section are the breakdowns of the steps disclosing the firmware update via the Wavlink setup wizard. So, read on.

Steps to Update Wavlink Firmware

Step 1- Download the Firmware File

The firmware of the Wavlink range extender can be updated using the manual method only. So, first of all, you have to download the newest version of the firmware file for your device using a web browser. However, consider saving it at the most convenient location so that it can be located whenever required.

Additionally, make sure that you’ve downloaded the firmware file for the extender model you own. Sometimes, uploading the wrong firmware file creates havoc on the entire network system.

Step 2- Visit

Once the firmware file is successfully saved on your computer, consider moving your attention back to the web browser and loading a new tab. However, ensure that there is no cache, cookies, or junk accumulated in the web browser. On the new tab, you have to enter the default web address of your range extender i.e.

So, enter it into the location bar and hit Enter to move ahead. The next screen will show you the admin management page of your Wavlink extender or simply the Wavlink login screen.

Step 3- Log in to Your Extender

On the admin page, you need to insert the default login password of your Wavlink extender. Also, you have to select the language to manage your extender. So, do as prompted.

But, keep in mind that the admin password of the Wavlink wireless extender requires special attention during its entrée due to its case-sensitive nature. Thus, be watchful while inserting it. Thereafter, click the Login button.

Step 4- Upload the Firmware File

Directly after clicking the Login option, you will be able to see the Wavlink range extender dashboard. Here, look for the Setup tab and click it. Thereafter, you need to navigate to the Upgrade Firmware option. Clicking the option will reveal a message box for you where you will be able to see the current version of your Wavlink device’s firmware.

On the same window, you have to click the Select File button and locate the firmware file. Once you find the file, select Apply and let your extender’s new firmware get installed.

Within a few moments, you will discover that your Wavlink extender has started working smoothly with new features. However, you need to keep a few checkpoints in mind for the successful completion of the firmware update process. To know those points, scroll down.

Checkpoints — Wavlink Firmware Update

  • Do not consider playing games or watching online videos while the firmware update process of your extender is in progress. Doing so is a big troublemaker as it can halt you from updating your devices without any hiccups.
  • The distance between your WiFi devices during the firmware update process via the Wavlink WiFi extender setup wizard must be optimal. By the term “optimal”, we mean that too much or too less distance between devices is not allowed.
  • No matter what but the direct connection between your Wavlink extender and the main router needs to be strong. It means it is supposed to be finger-tight. Along with this, ensure that you haven’t used a damaged network cable to create the extender-router direct connection. There is a high chance of direct communication getting affected due to external interruption.
  • Whatever web browser you use to get the firmware of your Wavlink wireless device gets updated, it is supposed to be running on the latest software version. Using an outdated web browser might result in the firmware update stuck issue.
  • The web address of the Wavlink extender must be strictly entered into the URL field. Using the search bar will take you to various destinations but not the one you currently want. Additionally, you have to be sure that there are no typing errors in the URL entrée.

Final Words

Updating the firmware of the Wavlink extender will help it make pace with new-age technological devices. We hope that you might be able to enjoy the new features of your device by updating the Wavlink firmware using the above-discussed guidelines.

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